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At the beginning of the month I started a new job. A new job which requires me to set a 6:15 alarm every morning, sit on a cramped commuter train for an hour to London, and then do the whole journey again to be home by 7pm. Commuting is without a doubt my least favourite part of the day. The job is amazing, but I'm not sure i'm cut out for the #commuterlife.

I do like to listen to music, or reading on the train, but it usually just makes me nod off. I found myself becoming one of those people; mouth open, face squished against the window asleep. By the time I got into London I felt like I was being woken up by my alarm all over again. Not to mention the state of my makeup.

Then I rediscovered my love for podcasts. I used to listen to them all the time and then stopped, simply because it was an hour out of my day which I didn't think I had. The two hours on the train every day is is the perfect time. Most of the podcasts I listen to are conversations or have a narrative, so they keep my brain awake. Plus most of them are about an hour long, so make the hour journey go quickly.

Here are my faves…

Keeping it Candid:
KIC is my most recent discovery and I can't get enough of it. It's blogger Milly Cotton and blogger/YouTuber/Instagrammer extrordinaire Sophie Milner (aka Fashion Slave) discussing all things pop culture and relevant topics right now. Sophie is one if my favourite bloggers, so if you love her writing style (or her YouTube channel) then you'll love this. They're the ultimate girls girls and all round fabulous humans.

Views is a podcast by YouTuber's David Dobrik and Jason Nash. They just talk about anything and everything. If you love their videos I guarantee you will love listening to this. They have such a great sense of humour and you get to hear a more personal side to them too... so many LOL moments (which isn't always ideal on quiet train journeys)!

At Home With:
Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton are two of my favourite Bloggers so when they announced they were doing a podcast last year I could not wait! It's a podcast where they go to the homes of Girl Bosses of the beauty world and ask all the questions we want to know. If you love all things beauty then this is right up your street - I highly recommend.

Ear Biscuits:
I've talked about this podcast on the blog before, but it's my absolute favourite and the first podcast I ever got in to. I've you've never heard of it before, it's a podcast hosted by YouTube comedian's Rhett and Link. You don't have to be a fan of their show to love this podcast as they talk about all kinds of different topics with all types of different guests. Not only is it incredibly funny, but it is also incredibly interesting.

Case File True Crime:
It's no secret that I love a bit of true crime, and I also really love a podcast. So, when I came across this I was very excited. It's basically an Australian man talking through true crimes. Some are solved, some are unsolved. What I like about it is some episodes are an hour long, and some are just 20 mins, so there is always an episode for whatever time I have to fill. A weird one I know, but if true crime is something you're interested in, then I would seriously recommend this.

George Ezra & Friends:
This post was all scheduled and ready to go live, then George Ezra announced he was releasing a podcast and I couldn't not include it in this post. Even though he has only released a 7 min intro to the podcast, I know that I will be listening obsessively to every episode and it will quickly become my new favourite thing. Episode 1 is out today and I CANNOT WAIT!

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