The Edit: Christmas Party Outfits

December is here, which means Christmas festivities are officially in full swing. Whether it's girls night, a festive dinner with the family, the work Christmas do, or if you're a go all out on Christmas day dresser. It's the season to celebrate, and the perfect excuse to go all out when dressing up.

The first type of outfit I opt for is dresses - my go to party outfit most of the time. A simple black dress or anything with a bit of sparkle is a pretty safe bet for me. See my selection above... I'm completely obsessed with the All Saints Alia Flec dress (#3 in the image)!

I also tend to gravitate towards jumpsuits in the winter. They're really simple, and require zero effort. I don't feel the need to accessorise with jumpsuits as much, as they are already quite a statement. Brighter colours are not something I wear much of in winter, but I feel a braver wearing a jumpsuit, and especially at this time of year am less scared of wearing a bold colour. I've found some really gorgeous ones, perfect for this festive celebrations.

If I'm trying a bit harder, I'll go for a snazzy top/skirt combo. Clashing colours and textures isn't something I often do, because I'm a very safe dresser. However, at Christmas time you can get away with it, and I get much braver with my outfit choices. As with everything at this time of year, I go for anything metallic that sparkles and shimmers.

I get that not everybody likes to wear a jazzy frock. If you don't wear dresses and skirts throughout the year, then why should you start now, just because it's Christmas. I'm someone who always feels safe in an outfit if I'm wearing trousers. I absolutely love a tailored look, and it absolutely doesn't mean that an outfit boring. There are some really gorgeous colours, textures and shapes out there at the moment and I'm loving it.

If all else fails, add accessories. And just when you think you're done, add some more! Christmas is the time of year to throw all fashion 'rules' out the window and go for it. If you're ever in doubt about an outfit, add a statement shoe, bag or piece of jewellery and you're good to go.


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