How To Feel Cosy During The Festive Season.

I like to think of myself as a complete expert when it comes to all things cosy! Rarely you'll catch me out on a Friday or Saturday night. I'll almost always be at home, surrounded by fluffy blankets, fairy lights, a cheeky pup, watching reality TV - aka my happy place. Winter hibernation has officially kicked in, and it doesn't get much more cosy than Christmas.

If you're someone who struggles to wind down during the festive season, I have a few small things that you can do if you're lacking in the Christmas spirit this year.


Filling your home with festive scents is guaranteed to make you feel more festive. My favourite at the moment is the Wax Lyrical Vanilla and Cinnamon Candle from Boots. Dim lighting and the flickering of a warm candle is an instant way to feel cosy.


Fairy lights have the same effect as candles. Weather it's on your Christmas tree, framing a window, or draped over anything and everything, fairy lights are my go to. Everywhere sells them, and you can get them fairly cheep too. I strongly believe there's no such thing as too many twinkly lights.


This one is simple. Put on you're biggest, baggiest, softest clothes/PJ's and you're good to go. A  super fluffy dressing gown is also a must have - I've been eyeing up this one recently from M&S. However there is one rule... NO JEANS OR TIGHTS. Otherwise you'll never achieve optimum cosiness!


Christmas is the perfect excuse to over indulge. Eating healthy is for the new year, and in preparation for a holiday, not during Christmas time. Eat all your favourite meals and snacks with ZERO guilt. Who said that a family size bag of Minstrels can't be for a family of one? amiright?!!


Change your home decor when the seasons change. When the Autumn/Winter comes around I like to add more textures; fluffier cushions, darker colours, and warmer scents. It really helps to get into the mood of a new season. Also, this goes without saying, but put up a Christmas tree! So many people I speak to say they aren't feeling festive, but are yet to put up a Christmas tree. There's nothing like coming home to a beautiful festive tree in your house.


Winter is the time of year when I have no guilt about binge watching my fave TV shows. Two hours of Strictly on a Saturday night... yes please! Two seasons of Stranger Things in less than a week... no problem. Or even finishing that book I've had no time for, or watching your fave Christmas film (Mine is The Polar Express - controversial I know). And obviously blaring out NOW! That's What I Call Christmas and Michael Buble's Christmas album, as soon as 1st Dec hits with no shame what's so ever.

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