The Haircare Products I Use... From The Girl Who Hates All Things Haircare

I'm someone who has incredibly high maintenance hair, so anything haircare related is the ultimate beauty chore for me.

However, through trial and error I have found my holy grail haircare products that make the tedious maintenance of my hair a little more bearable.

There are a few products which I change up in my routine. I'm not that fussy about what shampoo and conditioner I use - it's usually whatever is cheapest! Most of the time it's the Dove Daily Moisture shampoo and conditioner, which I really love. I also really enjoy a hair mask. I've found that L'Oreal do the best ones at the moment - my favourite is the L'Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Masque. Although I'm sure the high end masks are great, they are a product which I think you definitely don't need to splash out on as some really amazing masks can be found in drugstores.

COLAB Dry Shampoo
I'm not a huge dry shampoo fan, but sometimes when I'm on day four hair, needs must, and the dry shampoo comes out. I really love the COLAB dry shampoos, which come in so many different scents. I don't have a favourite, but at the moment I'm using the New York scent which I'm really enjoying.

Tangle Teezer
This is something I've used for years and every time I try something different, like the Wet Brush, I miss it. I suffer from extremely tangly hair and this brush is the only one that helps without ripping out half my hair. It's the number 1 product I recommend from this post and will no doubt be a product in my beauty collection for years to come.

KMS California TameFrizz Taming Creme
This is a product I picked up years ago, after reading The Londoner's Blow Out Tutorial. We all strive for thick, glossy hair like Rosie and this seemed like the product that would achieve that for me. Although I definitely don't have her luscious locks, it still helps to smooth out my hair, and prevents the unwanted frizz that starts to appear throughout the day.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray
If you only use one product on your hair I think it should be heat protectant (that is if you use heat on your hair, otherwise this is completely pointless!). This is my favourite as it stops my very dry hair from feeling even dryer. It's also really lightweight so doesn't feel heavy in my hair or like I've used any product at all. It also smells so good too which is always a bonus.

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