The Beauty Bits I Will Always Repurchase.

I'm not really one for constantly trying new products. When I find something I love, I love it hard. I'm a very loyal beauty junkie, so the products in this post are my ride or die, holy grail beauty bits that I've lost count of the number of times I've repurchased, and will continue to repurchase until forever more.

Origins is a brand I've been obsessed with for years now, and it all started with this moisturiser. It was this product that made me want to try everything Origins sell - that's how amazing this is. It claims to be an 'energy-boosting moisturiser which instantly hydrates and revs up radiance', and that is exactly what it does. Also, it's oil free, which is something I always look for in skincare.  

I can't say that Origins is one of my favourite brands and not include one of their famous face masks in this post. Choosing which one was easy as this mask is easily my most used and has been in my stash the longest. It really is a miracle mask. I'll either slather it all over my face for particularly bad skin days, or just put it on spots. I leave it on for 10 mins and within a day it's cleared up. Don't forget to check out the other face masks I love in my collection.

There isn't a particular shade I'm talking about here (although right now I do love 'Moka Chic' a lot). They are the most moisturising matte lipsticks ever, and come in 15 amazing shades, so there is one for everyone. 

This is probably my number 1 item in this list; my dessert island beauty product. It was one of the first mascaras I ever used when I began wearing makeup, and hardly a month has gone by where I haven't reached for it. However, it's becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of - I live in fear that one day they'll discontinue it (this is something I've had actual nightmares about). 

I don't use this that that often, but when I do I always remember how much I love it and tell myself I should use it more often. It's more of a summer product for me as it is a very lightweight coverage, but I've honestly never used anything quite like it. For something so sheer, it makes my skin look so amazing.

I said earlier that the L'Oreal lipsticks are my favourite matte lipsticks ever. This is very closely followed by the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks. They look more matte, yet are so incredibly creamy and comfortable on the lips. And the pigmentation and lasting power is like no other lipstick I've ever used. I have quite a few of these, but my favourite is Amazing Grace, which is the most perfect pink.

When most people my age started wearing makeup it was usually a rainbow coloured eyeshadow, lipgloss, or pink blush. Not me. For some reason, even then I was paranoid about my shiny complexion, so my first ever makeup purchase was powder. Most girls at my school had this powder at some point and I've never used a different powder since. It's without a doubt the most repurchased item in my makeup collection.   

I feel like this is the beauty equivalent of marmite. People either don't get this product at all, or can't get enough of it. I'm definitely the latter. I won't lie, when I first started using it, I couldn't figure it out. It's not a highlighter, yet too sheer for a concealer. I think everybody has their own way of using this product. That's the beauty of it. I like to use it before I apply my base, to neutralise my skin tone (using shade 01), or to brighten areas on my face after I've applied my base (using shade 02). It's a product I've used for years and have no intention of stoping yet (despite the incredibly rude lady at my local YSL counter)!

This is easily the most creamy and long lasting eyeliner I have ever used. It is so smooth to apply and soft on the eye - I often find that some eyeliners can be a bit scratchy. However, for some reason I seem to run out if it very quickly, so I've been using it less often as it isn't the cheapest eyeliner ever. I can't express enough the wonders that this thing does for my eyes. 

A cult product among many beauty lovers - and apparently one is sold every 20 seconds around the world! This is my go to for removing makeup, or as a post makeup cleanse. It's a fresh and gentle cleanse but has a big impact. I don't think there is a single person who's skin this wouldn't work for.

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