Product Review: The Body Shop 'Honey Bronze Drops Of Sun'

I've have been desperate to get my hands on the By Terry Cellularose CC Brightening Lumi Serum in Sunny Flash for years now. However it's always out of stock, and also a lot of money for a product I've never used before. So, I've recently been on the hunt for a dupe that won't break the bank, and I thought I'd found it when I came across The Body Shop Honey Bronze Drops Of Sun.

It has a 4 star rating on the website so I was very hopeful. However, I'm just not sure about it. It's definitely a very unique product and I love the idea of it, but it's just very faffy to use.

I get the feeling most people use it by mixing it with foundation or moisturiser, which just doesn't work for me. For me it makes my foundation much to dark, and when mixed with moisturiser is just a sticky mess. I've been using it by mixing with my primer which seems to work the best for me.

I was hoping for a product that would add some glow to my base and that I could use either with makeup or just on its own. However it is incredibly patchy and streaky, which just makes my face look muddy.

Also, even though I do like the packaging, it isn't practical and is quite messy. Every time I put the lid back on, it splashes everywhere.

However, it's not all negative, because it does look quite nice when mixed with a lightweight product like a BB cream or tinted moisturiser, and it smells really good too. Plus it's only £12 so is a real saving compared to the £61 By Terry product.

Although I like the idea of the product I just doesn't work for me, and definitely doesn't create a healthy looking, sun kissed glow.

Buy The Body Shop 'Honey Bronze Drops Of Sun' here.

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