Glossier... Round Two

October was a very exciting month for beauty junkies here in the UK, as we finally can get our hands on Glossier.

It's a brand that has grown so much over the past year, so it was about time they made their way over to the UK, and will inevitably come to even more places too.

I went to the Glossier showroom over the summer, but only picked up a few bits which a talked about in this blog post. However, when Glossier hit the UK and discount codes were popping up all over the show I simply couldn't resist trying out a few more things.

On my first trip to Glossier I picked up the Stretch Concealer in medium, however now my tan is no more, I thought I should pick up the lighter shade. It is one of my all time favourite concealers so knew that it would be a success. 

I also got the famous Boy Brow, which everyone talks about. As I mentioned in my October favourites, I'm very loyal to my Maybelline Brow Drama so thought this would never compete. Boy was I wrong. This is unlike any formula I've ever used. It's almost like a powdery gel and doesn't make your eyebrows crispy looking at all. This is a complete game changer for me. Even though I'm blonde, I opted for the shade brown as I have quite dark brows and it's perfect. 

The last thing I got was the Perfecting Skin Tint. I didn't think this would be for me as it's had fairly mixed reviews. I got the general feeling that the people with great skin love it, and the people with any type of problematic skin (ie. most people) weren't such a big fan. I definitely don't have flawless skin, however I love it. It took a while to get used to, but even though it is very lightweight, it creates the perfect no makeup glowy look we all strive for. However, if you suffer from sever acne or any other sever skin problems then this won't be for you as it creates more of a smooth base rather than creating a blank canvas. I got the shade medium, which I actually think is a little too dark for me. Although I make it work, next time, I'll defo buy the shade lighter. 

I also got a free sample of the new Glossier You perfume with my order and OH MY! It is simply divine and absolutely next on my Glossier shopping list. 

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