October Favourites.

Curiosity got the better if me with this one, as I've been fascinated to know what the hype around The Ordinary is for ages. I'd been thinking about adding a hyaluronic acid to my skincare routine for a while now so thought this very affordable one was a good place to start. To begin with I didn't see the fuss, but it was after I stopped using it for a few days that I began to notice the difference my skin looked without it. Now I can't get enough of the stuff!

I had another Glossier binge this month and wanted to try the Skin Tint as it was one of the products with very mixed opinions. Some people love it, some people hate it. I love it. I don't have flawless skin, so thought it would be too lightweight for me, but it actually works wonders. It creates the perfect no makeup glowy look we all strive for. 

This is one of Glossier's best sellers so I couldn't not give it a try. I love a brow gel, however I'm very loyal to my Maybelline Brow Drama so didn't think I'd love it as much. After using it for a few weeks I think I actually love it more. It is unlike any formula I've used before. I'm completely obsessed!

I've been on the hunt for the perfect autumn candle for ages now. I almost gave up searching and nearly whipped out my Christmas candle (is it too soon?!), but then I stumbled across this whilst mooching in Zara Home. It is the most warm, cosy autumnal scent, and not too sickly at all. 

I only watched this on a whim as I saw people talking about it and had a free afternoon, so thought why not. I think it's now pretty safe to say that Demi is my new #girlcrush. I've always loved her, but seeing her story and just how much she's been though makes me admire her so much more. She is so inspiring and such an incredible person. It's also got me really into her album, so don't be surprised if it's in next months favourites. 

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this podcast in a favourites before, but this month's episodes have been so great that I have to mention it again. I've you've never heard of it before, it's a podcast hosted by YouTube comedian's Rhett and Link. You don't have to be a fan of their show to love this podcast as they talk about all kinds of different topics with all types of different guests. Not only is it incredibly funny, but it is also incredibly interesting. My fave episode this month was this episode where they talk in depth about their book and what went into making it.

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