Christmas Came Early.

In September I had a day in London with my sister and one of the first places on our list to go was Liberty. It's not my favourite place to shop, but definitely one of my favourites to explore... especially at Christmas time. 

It is one of the most beautiful buildings inside and out, and one of my must see places for people who have never been to London before. 

Yes, it was a little early for Christmas (actually, a lot early), but as someone who has been counting down the days for December since August I revel in a bit of early Christmas mooching.

I usually get it so wrong with my outfit when going to London. I'm either sweating on the tube, holding the 10 unnessesary layers I decided to bring, or I'm shivering, after getting over excited at the sight of a bit of sunshine. 

However, this time I got it right. You can't go wrong with jumper and jeans. My favourite white jumper never fails me, and I'm making the most of my ripped jeans before it gets too cold. And my Cambridge Satchel Company bag never fails to pull together an outfit. 

We then went to Bella Italia just round the corner, and had the most delish ravioli. I highly recommend. 

London in the winter is my absolute favourite, filled with ample blog opportunities! So, no doubt there will be many London posts over the coming months.


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