Blogs I'm Loving Right Now.

I've been a blog reader for donkeys years, and have my faves that I read all the time (which I might do a post about at some point), however today I thought I'd share the new bloggers I've fallen in love with. And yes I said bloggers, not blogs, because what I love about these blogs is the gorgeous girls behind them, both on their blogs and beyond.

I must also point out, that these are by no means new bloggers. They've been around since the beginning, but I'm either really late to the party for, or have recently rediscovered them.

I came across The Elgin Avenue after Lydia Millen recommended it a few months ago, and I was instantly hooked. She talks about all sorts; fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and a whole lot of advice. I've gotten much more into blogs with great writing styles rather than just images, and I absolutely love the topic's The Elgin Avenue covers and the engaging way it's written.

Founded by: Ella Gregory
Coco's Tea Party is a blog I used to read years ago, and can't remember why I ever stopped. I recently rediscovered it and can't get enough. I really feel like you're getting to know Ella when you read her posts - it just has a really personal feel to it. Her posts are never too long, so it's a really good one to check out if you're not a big reader. My absolute favourite is her weekend reading lists, where she tells you about all the amazing articles and stories on the internet that you never knew you wanted to know. She also has a podcast with Monica from The Elgin Avenue which I would highly recommend checking out.

Founded: Sophie Milner
Sophie is my new internet girl crush. I am completely obsessed with her blog and can't believe I've only just found her. She has a journalism degree, so her writing style is really engaging and interesting. She obviously talks about fashion on her blog, but also about so many #relatable topics too - everything from boys, health, career advice, girl talk, adulting (the list goes on). She has a great sense of humour, so if blogs aren't your thing, check out her YouTube channel because she makes great content. 

Founded by: Emma Hill
I actually found Emma first through her YouTube channel. Although I don't regularly watch her videos, I got sucked in by her incredible monthly haul videos and great sense of humour. She is worth subscribing to just for some of the best haul videos on YouTube, however I was super excited that her humour and great content also translates into her blog. 

Founded by: Suzie Bonaldi
If you love a YouTube fashion and beauty channel I'm sure you've heard of Suzie. She's been in the blogging game for years now, and another one who's blog I used to read, but for some reason forgot about for a while. She is a very likeable girl, with a really refreshing, positive attitude which also comes across in her blog. She also takes amazing pictures, so she's definitely one to follow on Instagram too. 

Founded by: Alix Coburn
I Covet Thee is another blog which had been around for years, and I can't figure out why I didn't start reading sooner. Alix has a style (in both fashion and makeup), that is similar to mine, so she's one of my go to gals for inspo. She comes across as a very genuine and humble person, which makes her so likeable, and much like the other blogs I've mentioned you get to know the person behind the blog, which is so important. She has a really authentic blog, and although she doesn't upload as regularly, is definitely worth going back to when she does.

There's so much negativity online, with girls trying to bring each other down, so I love the positivity thats going on in the blogging community right now. I think it's so important to shout about the people who you love and admire, which so many girls are doing. So expect many more posts like this.


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