48 Hours in New York: A Photo Diary

Ever since I can remember New York is somewhere I have dreamed of going to. Literally. I remember many times waking up from the most dreamy of sleeps sad, after vivid dreams of galavanting the streets of The Big Apple, and thinking that it would never be a reality. 

Over the summer my family and I got to go (to celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary), and it was a dream come true. 

We were there for three nights (staying at The Roosevelt Hotel - which I highly recommend btw), but only had two full days there, and we weren't going to waist a second that we had spare. We crammed in almost every touristy thing possible and then some (which my feet weren't so grateful for).

I thought I'd share with you all the touristy things we did, so if you're planning a first time trip to NYC and also only have a few days, then you'll have an idea of how much can be done in just two days. However, we did do more than this; exploring, shopping, and a lot of eating!

Bryant Park

A short walk from out hotel, Bryant Park was the perfect spot to chill out and grab a drink. 

Grand Central Station

Grand Central was the nearest subway station to where we were staying, so were lucky enough to explore this beautiful place a lot. Walking through it really does feel like you're in a movie!

9/11 Memorial

We didn't have time to go into the museum, but spent some time at the memorial, and it was quite the experience. There is this incredible atmosphere that is incredibly overwhelming and emotional. 

Boat Trip

I warn you now. Prepare to be hounded by people trying to sell you all kinds of boat tours around Manhattan, to The Statue of Liberty, and to Ellis Island. They are all incredibly expensive and jam packed full of tourists. 

All we wanted was a short trip to The Statue of Liberty and see some of Manhattan from the river. We were incredibly lucky to stumble across the boat trip at Pier 15. It was less than $20 a person, was about 1 hour and couldn't have been more perfect. I couldn't recommend it more if you don't want to spend the whole day getting on and off a boat, and seeing in depth tours of the island.  

Central Park

A must have spot for any NYC tourist. Central Park really is as incredible as people say, with endless places to explore. I could do a whole post just on central park. 

Times Square

Times Square is somewhere that we were told could give a miss if we ran out of time. I couldn't disagree more! While I completely understand why it's not a favourite of the locals, it's a tourist's dream. 

If you can get past the hustle and bustle of endless drippy people, go there in the evening, look up, and you'll never feel more like you're in New York. I found it quite magical. 

The High Line

This was somewhere we were told to go to by so many people. And kind of missed us slightly. We did go right at the end of a very long day with A LOT of walking, so weren't in the right frame of mind, and were later on told we were on probably the least pretty part of it. So, if I were to go back I'd try and do it properly. 

Although there are some incredibly beautiful parts of it, if you're stuck for time, I'd give it a miss this time. 

The Met

Although we didn't have time to go inside (on the to do list for next time), that didn't mean I wasn't going to make the most of a photo op, as I desperately tried to channel my inner Blair Waldorf. It's a really beautiful area of New York, perfect for exploring - and window shopping!

Washington Square Park

Definitely one of my favourite places we explored. It's an incredibly beautiful, and peaceful spot yet is right in the middle of the busy city. 

Greenwich Village

It was no surprise that we completely fell in love with Greenwich Village. It is one of the most incredible places I've ever been to, and an Instagrammer's heaven! 

And for any Friends fans out there (I'm presuming most of you), the you MUST if do nothing else in Greenwich Village visit the apartment building (the image below). It's super cool, and tucked in the most gorgeous neighbourhood.

Empire State Building

One of the very last things we did on our trip was go to The Empire State Building. We were torn between The Empire State, and The Rockefeller Centre as both had been recommended to us. We decided on The Empire State Building, and couldn't have been happier with that decision. 

Although it was a little expensive, it was truly one of the most incredible experiences ever. The view when you get to the top is something that no picture could ever do justice. 

It was the most perfect way to end the trip of a lifetime, as something that I had dreamt about for my whole life, being at the top of The Empire State Building, looking over Manhattan, gave me goosebumps, and actually made me a bit emotional (that is if you can ignore the annoying people with massive cameras pushing and shoving to get to the front)!

It was the most amazing few days of my life, and I think it's fair to say I have completely fallen for this incredible city. I'm itching to go back and continue to explore, but next time from a different perspective, in the Autumn or Winter. 

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