My First Time At Glossier.

When my trip to New York was booked, the first thing on my to-do list was a trip to Glossier. At that point I didn't know they had plans to come to the UK, and I certainly didn't know when my next trip back to NYC would be, so it was a shopping opportunity (a 'shopportunity' if you will), that I wasn't going to miss.

I've been a loyal reader of Into The Gloss, also founded by Emily Weiss for a few years, so have known about Glossier for a while, but it seemed to always pass my mind when reading the blog. I never really thought about it until it took the blogging community by storm, and the FOMO got the better of me - I blame Anna, my go to gal when it comes to all things Glossier.

Don't be fooled by the office block building in Chinatown. From the moment you step inside, you know you've entered something special. You're greeted by girls in cute pink boiler suits and taken up the lift to the penthouse, until you get to the showroom.  

When you get to the showroom you'll be amazed, and want to start Instagramming the heck out of the place. 

Swatch and test the products to your heart's content, and when you've decided what you want to buy, go up to one of the 'Glossier Girls' for the check-list style service, where they tick off the items you want, give it to you to take to the till, where you will be given your purchase.

It's a brand which is all about the product. The simple packaging, right down to the pink bubble wrap pouches your products are put in when you make your purchase all adds to the charm of the brand. 
The showroom can get a little busy, depending on when you go, but be patient and don't let it take away from the experience. There is even a 'man sofa' if you've dragged along your husband/ bf/ friend/ brother/ dad/ random stranger off the street! So you can shop with no distractions, surrounded by fellow beauty junkies. 

If you're into the easy to apply, no fuss, no makeup makeup look then this is the number 1 makeup brand for you. 

Glossier has made a serious mark on the beauty industry over the past year, and I can't wait to see how it grows (starting with coming to the UK later this year)!
I only purchased a few products when I went, but it's no shock that I've developed quite the wishlist for the next time I can get my hands on it. 

My Wishlist:
Glossier Sweatshirt (for the ultimate Glossier superfan)

Shop Glossier online here, and don't worry. If you're from The UK, France, and Canada, Glossier will be coming to you very soon.


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