How I Transform An Outfit From Day To Night.

We all have those days when we're out all day, then have evening plans and no time to get ready. Trying to find that perfect day to night look can be tricky, but is something I've got quite good at. 

I'm quite a classic dresser anyway, so rely heavily on accessorise to jazz up an outfit for the evening. The image above pretty much sums up a daytime outfit of mine for a typical day at this time of year. Jeans, boots, and knitwear is my A/W uniform. I also tend to wear silver or white gold jewellery during the day too - my Tiffany necklace is a staple, as well as earrings much like these stunning studs from AUrate New York. 

AUrate New York is a social enterprise that creates contemporary yet timeless real gold jewellery made in NYC. Their current project aims to highlight how jewellery can play into a "day" and a "night" outfit, which is what inspired this blog post. 

They are unlike other jewellery brands as they are driven by creating a positive social impact - all of their jewellery is handmade in New York City from ethically sourced materials, using no conflict minerals at all. They source materials in accordance with the highest standards of social, environmental and human rights practices, including purchasing diamonds and pearls from conflict-free regions, in compliance with all applicable United Nations resolutions.

A huge part of the company is giving back to economically disadvantaged school children with each purchase of AUrate New York jewellery, via their 'A Book for Your Look' program, which aims to empower children in need through the gift of reading. Basically, if you purchase a piece of their jewellery, then you'll be donating a book to a child in need. Not only do you get to own a beautiful piece of jewellery, but you're helping someone in need too; a win win situation! If that hasn't persuaded you to check them out, read some first hand testimonies here, to see just how much of a difference they are making. 

I've been completely swooning over the AUrate New York earrings recently, and the ones in the image above are examples of how I'd transform an outfit from day to night. I'll swap the studs for earrings that make more of a statement, add a red lip and I instantly feel and look more ready. In the evening I tend to mix metals more as I think it makes an outfit much more interesting. I'll also add a fun jacket like the faux fur coat above, which also helps to glam up an outfit with zero effort involved.  

How do you transform an outfit from day to night? Do you also utilise jewellery too, or do you have your own tips? I'd love to hear about them.

And don't forget to check out AUrate New York and all the awesome things they're up do. I absolutely love what they're doing right now.


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