Going Crazy For Knitwear... I Blame Topshop.

However much I love the summer, every time Autumn rolls around I get super excited for the weather change. To me Autumn is all about beautiful, colourful trees, and being cosy. Few things in life make me happier than being cosy, and nothing says cosy like a big comfy jumper. 

There are a few high street brands who bring their A-game every year when it comes to knitwear (I'm looking at you Zara and New Look), and I have no doubt they will this year too. However, ever since the new collections have been dropping I can't get enough off the knitwear Topshop are doing right now. 

So before I start to add to my Autumn wardrobe I thought I'd share the jumpers that have caught my eye. I promise I won't end up buying all of these! 


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