April Favourites.

April has been mostly a 'sit at home locked away writing my dissertation' month, so apologies for the lack of beauty bits this month, as well as the lack of anything on here really. Normal blogging will resume very soon.

I got a mini bottle of Charlotte Tilbury's Wonderglow a while ago and haven't really gone anywhere near it. I usually avoid anything with the word 'glow' because of my incredibly oily skin. However, recently I've been really into glowy skin and am kind of embracing my oily skin. This product is beautiful on its own, as a primer, or mixed with foundation. It creates a really radiant base, without looking shiny or like a disco ball. 

I started watching Dexter a year or so ago and ended up forgetting about it for a while, so this month I went back to it, with just the final season to catch up on. I had seen so many people online saying they were disappointed with the finale. I absolutely loved it and couldn't recommend it more if I tried. 

Ruby Wax - Frazzled
I got this book a few months ago, and wasn't sure what to think. It's described as a guide to mindfulness, something which I think many people think is just for people with mental health issues. I'm a strong believer that mindfulness is something everyone should try and practice, and is super easy to incorporate into day to day living. This book is not only super interesting, but just as hilarious and witty as it is useful. It is a book which you don't read and put on the shelf never to be looked at again - I find myself keep coming back to it every all the time. It's the perfect guide to switching off and learning to live in the moment. 

Harry Styles - Sign of the Times
Very little explanation is need for this one. Ever since this song came out I have had it on repeat all day, every day! I can't wait until the album comes out - the 12th May can't come quick enough. 

New Look Brushes
I've always been intrigued by the Artis makeup brushes, however, there is no way I am spending that kind of money on a makeup brush. Never. My sister works in New Look and told me about a similar style brush they bought out but for a fraction of the price. The handle snapped off one of them the first time I used it, however, the fact that happened and I'm still including in a favourites post shows just how amazing they are. They take a bit of getting used to, but are seriously worth it for a flawless looking base.

Mini Eggs
It was Easter this month, so A LOT of chocolate was consumed, in particular an unhealthy amount of Mini Eggs. However, there's something about knowing they're not available the rest of the year that makes me love them more. I'm fully aware this is a problem!


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