My Favourite Drugstore Dupes.

Few things are more satisfying than when you find a good drugstore dupe for your favourite luxury makeup products - It makes my eyes water thinking about the amount I've probably spent on repurchasing some of my high end faves. Over time I've tried and tested so many products that I've come across a few good dupes along the way, so I thought I'd share some of the best ones.

I absolutely love a good eyeshadow stick, and have accumulated quite the collection. One of my all time favourites is the By Terry Ombré Blackstar Eyeshadow Stick. These are seriously amazing, but also seriously pricy. The Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Autograph Eyeshadow Stick is almost exactly the same. Now, there isn't nearly the same colour range, however, the creaminess, colour pay off and longevity is identical.
I've mentioned this one before, but it has got to be one of the best discoveries yet. The Tanya Burr Hollywood Eye Palette is a great dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess Quad. The colours are not all identical, and the lasting powers isn't as good, however there are two shadows which are so similar, and the same looks can be created from the two quads. And for that price difference you can't go wrong.

Next is a dupe for the Hourglass Veil Primer. I must say that I've never actually tried this, however I was swatching away in Space NK and couldn't believe how similar it was to the Max Factor FaceFinity Primer, which is easily one of the most repurchased products in my collection. It looked and felt exactly the same. I'd expect the hourglass primer is better, but I can 100% vouch for the fact the Max Factor primer is still an amazing product.
Beauty Blenders have taken the makeup world by storm the past few years, with so many brands brining out their own versions. To me, spending £16 on a sponge is kind of ridiculous, so instead I use the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and can't imagine using anything else. They are just as good as a Beauty Blender, if not better and for a fraction of the price.

I've got another Tilbury vs Burr dupe for you next. Charlotte Tilbury's Wonder Glow is quite the game changer if you're looking for glowing radiant skin. However, as with all Charlotte Tilbury products this comes at quite the price. Last year I got the Tanya Burr Face Illuminator, and although both products claim to do completely different things, they are essentially the same product. In fact the only difference is Tanya's product can be used more as a highlighter in specific areas rather than the whole face, so actually you're getting more bang for your buck!

There are actually loads of dupes for the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, however the one I find to be most similar is the Revlon ColourStay Concealer. The longevity and staying power is just a great, and both are super creamy and buildable.


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