March Favourites.

I got these speakers in February and have used them every single day since. They are super easy to use if, like me you're useless when it comes to tech, and the sound is also incredible. Gone are the days when I will listen to anything out of my laptop; these are a serious game changer.

Garnier Micellar Water
I only got this because my usual Simple Micellar Water was out of stock when I popped into Superdrug. Although I will definitely be going back to it, I really love this Garnier one. Although I don't think it is as good at removing makeup as the Simple one, it smells so much better, and it actually feels like it is making a difference to my skin too. 

The Little Book of Hygge
Everyone is banging on about this book at the moment so I thought I'd see what the fuss was about. As someone who loves all things cosy, this book is perfect for me. Turns out I've been 'Hygge' my whole life.

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm
This has been one of my holy grail skincare products for a few years now and I've fallen back in love with it all over again. It's also THE BEST brush cleaner ever! A rather expensive brush cleaner, but a life saver for those stubborn dirty brushes.

Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Sahariennes bronzer
I've been eyeing this up for a while after being on the hunt for a cream bronzer and realising the choice on the high street was so bad. Although this is a cream product it's like a powdery cream, working as a cream to powder texture when applied. I wouldn't normally spend that kind of money on something I was so unsure about, but I had a load of Boots Advantage points so thought I'd give it a go. To begin with I really wasn't sure, and when I first apply it I still feel unsure about it. However, why I love it so much is the way it looks throughout the day. It wears so beautifully, creating a glowy and natural finish on the skin. Definitely worth the splurge! 

Louis Berry
I really think that the UK music charts at the moment is so bad. I love Ed Sheeran and Drake but really don't think streaming should contribute to charts - but that's a whole other rant! I just feel there hasn't been anything new and exciting out for ages and listening to the radio bores me as they churn out the same songs over and over again. Anyway,  I came across Louis Berry's music when flicking though the music channels one day and have become completely obsessed - he needs to release an album! I'll be really bad at explaining his music, so just take my word for it and check him out. My favourite songs of his right now are NicoleShe Want's Me and Restless

Ted Talks
I first found out about Ted Talks when I was at school and still go back to them every now and then. Since being at uni they have become so useful as there is literally a Ted Talk on everything, and recently I have become slightly addicted. If you aren't aware of what a Ted Talk is, they are 'a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks'. I was going to recommend a few of my faves, but I honestly couldn't just pick a few and every day I find a new one - maybe a thought for a whole blog post. Although I would suggest checking out the website, on YouTube there are  loads of different Ted Talk channels. The ones I watch are on  TEDMED (defo sometimes a bit too smarty pants for me, but there are some worth the watch, don't be put of by 'med'), Tedx Talks and TED.

I am really not a blush person. It has always been the makeup product I have the least interest in, as I thought it would only enhance my often red, shiny complexion. Then I discovered this beach stick and although I don't use it every day, I reach for it all the time and love the way it looks, especially on the warmer, spring days at the moment. It is really natural and because of the cream texture, can be built up or blended out as much as possible, making it completely fool proof too. 


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