February Favourites.

February has been kind of the best month ever, for no other reason than it was my 21st birthday! So many exciting things happened, and I got lots of lovely presents (which i'm sure you'll see some of in next months favourites), including a surprise trip to Paris. So, expect the full low down on that. For the time being, here's what I've been loving during February.

Panic! At The Disco - Death of a Batchelor
I'm a fairly new Panic! At The Disco fan, but by no means any less of one - the obsession is real. Towards the end of last year, after listening to every Panic song on a loop, thought it was about time I purchased the album. I think it was November when I bought it, and no joke, have listened to it EVERY day since. I have also found myself recently spending numerous nights binge watching entire Panic concerts (festivals in particular)! Therefore, this amazing album definitely warranted a spot on my faves this month.

Bullet Journal
After seeing many a video on YouTube at the start of the year about bullet journaling, my inner list lover couldn't help but want a piece of the action! I well and truly did my research on the concept, however came to the conclusion that it was far to complicated and something I knew I wouldn't keep up with. What I decided was to put my own take on bullet journalling, and simplify it massively. I'm completely addicted and find it one of the most satisfying things ever. 

NYPD Red Series 
I don't always have a book on the go, especially with uni at the moment. But I'm always thinking about the next book I want to read. Ever since the end of last summer I have been on a bit of a James Patterson binge - his NYPD Red series in particular. There are four books in the series (and I believe a fifth coming out this month - eeekkk), perfect if, like me you like a good series to get into. They're fairly easy reads, it's much like an episode of CSI or Criminal Minds. Not only are the stories amazing, but the characters are great too. I would definitely recommend. 

Not the most interesting favourite, but an absolute essential in my life. Washing my hair is the ultimate chore, so a good dry shampoo is something I get rather excited about. I'm kind of over the same Batiste one I've used forever, so thought I'd give one of the COLAB dry shampoo's a go as so many people rave about them. The one I use is New York, which smells divine. And what's better, is that it doesn't leave you're hair looking grey!

Tanya Burr Face Illuminator
I got a mini version of this liquid highlighter with the 'Beautifully Defined' Palette last year, and didn't really use it much. Recently, I've been really into glowy skin (something I never thought I would say), and have been using it almost every day for a few weeks now. It's a good drug store dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow, as it gives you a really glowing, radiant base before you even put any makeup on. It's also really lovely when blended with foundation. 

Casefile True Crime Podcast
It's no secret that I love a bit of true crime, and I also really love a podcast. So, when I came across this I was very excited. It's basically an Australian man talking through less known crimes. Some are solved, some are unsolved. What I like about it, is some episodes are an hour long, some are just 20 mins. A weird one I know, but if true crime is something you're interested in, then I would seriously recommend this.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
I've worn this foundation for years now. It's a bit of a cult classic, so it's not news that it's so good. However, I end up trying so many different products, that I forget about the ones I really love. The shade I wear is Vallauris, which might be a little dark for me, but I make it work. Rediscovering old favourites is the best, as you feel like you've got something new, but without having to spend money!

Guerlain Météorites Pearl Powder
I got this powder for my birthday a few weeks ago, and have used it so much. I have very oily skin, so always look for the mattest powder, but as I said, I'm having a bit of a moment with glowy skin right now. This powder is so perfect to achieve luminous skin if you're oily. And it just looks so damn pretty on my dressing table, which is always a bonus.


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