48 Hours In Paris.

It was my 21st birthday at the end of February and my sister got me a surprise trip to Paris. And by surprise I mean ‘Happy Birthday, by the way in three days we’re going to Paris' kind of surprise!

It was both our first time going to Paris, and as we only had two days, we made sure to pack our 48 hours with as much sightseeing a possible.

We got the Eurostar to Paris and made our way to our perfectly positioned hotel right in the hustle and bustle of Paris.
After a quick freshen up we got planning our short stay, as well as figuring out how to use the metro. We knew that on our second day it was going to rain, so we made sure to do all the ‘outdoorsy’ things first.

We explored the Eiffel Tour from all angles, found the Notre Dame, ate A LOT of food, and explored the not so touristy parts of the city too.
In the evening we decided to climb the Arc De Triomphe, which out of everything we did I would recommend the most. Being able to see the whole of Paris at night, as well as seeing the Eiffel Tower twinkling away is something quite magical. It’s also really interesting inside to read all about the Arc De Triomphe itself, but the view from the top is something else. Definitely don’t be put off by the fact you have to climb a zillion stairs to get there (I’m not kidding, think Covent Garden underground kind of stairs).

We then went for dinner before heading back to our hotel.
Day 2 rained most of the day, but that didn’t stop us. We had a fairly leisurely morning getting ready and planning our day, before heading straight to the Louvre and finding somewhere for breakfast. We ended up going to the loveliest place for tea and crepes (because duh!), then spent the next God knows how many hours exploring every nook and cranny of the Louvre, which very quickly became one of my favourite places ever. I thought London topped it with the best museums and galleries, but the Louvre gave London a run of its money. We were most excited about seeing the Mona Lisa, however when we got there, we were blown away by how beautiful the whole museum is. Of course, the Mona Lisa was amazing in person, something I feel incredibly lucky to say I’ve seen, however, the crowd around it was like Justin Bieber was in the room. The pushing and shoving, and elbows in the face to get the best picture meant we weren’t able to enjoy it as much as we’d have liked. If I were to go back, I’d love to go when it was more quiet – if it ever is!
After a lot more exploring we decided it was time for some shopping - to the Champs-Élysées it was. Despite the torrential rain, we ducked in and out of shops, with a necessary croissant break, until our feet simply couldn’t take it anymore. It was soon late afternoon, and with an evening train to catch, we had an early dinner at what I like to call Paris’ answer to Weatherspoon’s, but was delicious nonetheless, before heading to the Gare du Nord for a snoozy train ride back home.
I think it’s fair to say I had the best birthday ever, and well and truly fell in love with Paris. I hope it’s not too long before I go back.


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