My Ultimate Lust List.

I seem to find myself scrolling through the pages of Net-A-Porter a lot more than I care to admit. However, you might be impressed to hear I have never made a Net-A-Porter purchase, so do have some will power! The older I get, the more money I save, and the more I appreciate beauty and fashion, the more tempted I am by the designer brands I've spend my whole life marvelling at in the pages of glossy magazines, and seen spotted on the celebs I admire. 

Although I'm still very much far away from my first designer splurge, over the past year or so, I've somehow accumulated a list of things I one day hope to have in my life. I'm aware that tastes change, trends come and go, and something I love now my be something I hate in a few years, however this is my ultimate lust list. For now!

Although this list isn't in a particular order, this bag is for sure the number 1 thing I would love to buy if I had the money. It is also one of the most expensive items on this list, because... of course! However, this Louis Vuitton bag is so classic and chic. I've seen so many people wearing it and love it even more every time. Maybe one day...

Spending a lot of money on makeup and skincare is something which I am definitely more likely to do. By Terry is a brand I absolutely love, however it is incredibly expensive. Recently this was half price on FeelUnique, but the colour i'm after was sold out. However I have seen many people wearing this serum and it is the most beautiful glowy product and no doubt great for your skin too. I don't think it'll be too long before this is part of my collection.

I'm definitely not a techy type of person, at all. In fact my technology skills and understanding is beyond limited. However, I do appreciate a good quality camera and the Olympus camera's seem to be taking the blogging world by storm. Every time I see a photo with this camera I'm amazed at the incredible quality. This is definitely a worth while investment if blogging is your job, however for newbies like myself, i'm just going to wait and see. 

Every time I pass a Tom Ford beauty counter I head straight for the lipsticks and test every single one, and every time this shade stands out to me. I really think they are beautiful lipsticks, however to me £40 for a lipstick is just too much when the high street brands do such amazing products. 

This is very much enabled by my fave blogger/YouTuber Lydia Elise Milen. She wears her Burberry gilet so much during the winter and every time she wears it I fall in love. It is so gorgeous and although I've never seen one in person, it looks like the perfect alternative to a coat, as well as having just a beautiful fit and looking super snuggly. 

Despite what this list might suggest, I'm actually not a bag person. I've never thought I could justify spending designer money on a handbag. However, the more research I've done, the more I get it. And sometimes there are bags just so special I can't ignore. This Gucci bag is one of those occasions. I love the Dionysus collection, however this one is just so special. I love how Gucci are going back to their classic Gucci styles at moment. To be honest, I'm having a bit of a Gucci moment right now and think they're absolutely killing it. 

7. Cartier Love 18ct white-gold bracelet - £5,400
Don't worry, I'm more than aware that it's not acceptable to by myself a Cartier love bracelet. I do however think it's the most beautiful piece of jewellery ever, but over £5,000 on a bracelet, that's crazy! Although I'll probably never own one, a girl can still dream.

8. Monica Vinader signature thin bangles - £225 (gold), £195 (silver)
I've only recently discovered Monica Vinader and think her jewellery is just so dainty and beautiful. What really caught my eye is the signature bangles. They're actually a similar style to the Cartier bracelet, but for a fraction of the price. I like the thin bangles, however, I do also like the look when the different thickness' are stacked. They're a really classic piece of jewellery. 

9. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream - £70
Over the past couple of years I've really got into skincare, and don't mind spending a little more on really great products. I've always been intrigued by Charlotte's iconic Magic Cream as everybody bangs on about it. I've had a small sample of it once and loved it, but can't bring myself to spend £70 on a moisturiser. Maybe one day. 

10. Saint Laurent Monogramme Sac Universit√© medium textured-leather shoulder bag - £1,090
So many people have this bag - it's definitely a bag of the moment. This style of bag is my absolute favourite and I know it would be a bag I would get so much wear out of. It's a classic, and will only get better with age. It is however YSL, therefore a YSL price. Definitely a bag that would be worth the investment though.


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