Jo Malone: Blackberry & Bay

Although it's not my favourite perfume, Jo Malone's Blackberry & Bay seems to be a perfume I always come back to, so I felt it was about time I did a review of it.

Its initial smell is very fresh and earthy, which I really love. A lot of people are put off by the blackberry as they think it is going to be sweet, however, it has a more of a natural sweetness to it, opposed to a sickly sweet smell.

It's definitely a unisex fragrance with quite a mature and luxurious feeling to it, which is why I think is it one of their best sellers.

Also, I often get compliments on it when i'm wearing it, which is never a bad thing too!

I do however find that it can often come off a little strong - it's definitely not a subtle fragrance.

Although I find myself reaching for a lot, it isn't my fave perfume, however at this time of year especially, I really enjoy wearing it.

By Blackberry & Bay here.


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