Album Review: Bastille 'Wild World'

I've had Bastille's new album 'Wild World' on repeat since the day it was released. It's just been my go-to album for so many occasions; on the train, at the gym, when i'm studying etc.

Now lets be honest, we're talking about Bastille here, so it was never going to be a rubbish album. However, after the huge success of the first album 'Bad Blood', an album which I still listen to all the time now, I couldn't possibly see how they would to it. However, it may not be better than the first album, but it's pretty close.

This album is much more loud than 'Bad Blood' (I hope you know what I mean by that). There are a lot more instruments, with a big bad brassy sound throughout - which I LOVE!

I'm also completely obsessed with the lead singer Dan at the moment. I love the sound of his voice, and his song writing skills are incredible - he is insanely talented. Also this magazine cover kinda helps too!

It would be very easy for a band like Bastille to churn out album after album, but they don't. They take time to make amazing music, which really pays off.

I'm completely obsessed with this album at the moment, and although I don't like it as much as their first one, it's definitely one of my top releases of the year.

My favourite tracks from the album:
Good grief
Send them off
The currents

Buy the album here.


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