My Favourite Highlighters.

As someone who has really oily skin, I have always avoided highlighter at all costs! 

However, I've always loved how it looks on other people and there are some beautiful highlighters out there, so I thought why should I miss out, and made it my mission to find a highlighter that works for me. And over the past few years I've found three!

The first I found was the Topshop glow highlighter in 'polished'. It's a cream product so really easy to build up, meaning far fewer mistakes! It's also really easy to apply, either with a small brush or finger, and if you find you've applied too much it can just be wiped off. 

The Sleek Face Form Contour Kit one if my most well loved makeup products. The bronzer is amazing, however it's the highlighter and blush which is the reason it's a firm favourite. If you're a highlighter enthusiast then this isn't for you. However, if like me you're looking to find a pretty, subtle highlighter then this is perfect. And the blusher has a subtle shimmer which is a great alternative if highlighter scares you!

However, my most favourite, most loved, holy grail highlighter is without a doubt the Charlotte Tilbury bar of gold. Not only is the packaging a dream, but the product is like nothing I've ever tried. It's like a powder formula, but not as soft, meaning you can apply a light dusting or really build it up to something so amazing. It's also my favourite inner corner highlighter and if I'm feeling particularly lazy I'll sweep a bit over my eye lids and it looks like I've tried more than I have. It really is the perfect highlighter for oily skin, however as you may have figured out it comes at a rather hefty price of £32 - definitely an indulgent buy, but worth the splurge.


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