Product Review: Charlotte Tilbury 'Supermodel Body'

When I make the decision to make a charlotte tilbury purchase, it comes with a LOT of thought! Especially with something like this, which I didn’t know a whole lot about. Nonetheless, I bit the bullet and purchased the famous Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body.

A few bloggers, YouTubers and celebs have mentioned how much they love this product, so I’ve been intrigued by it for a while now, however when you buy something from the Charlotte Tilbury website, you get free samples with it. Last summer I got a sample of the supermodel body, took it on holiday with me, and instantly became obsessed.

It’s basically like a bronzer for the body. Some of the many things it claims to do is slim, shape, hydrate, and glow. I can can confidently say it pretty much does all those things - I don’t really need to write a review, because it says everything on the packaging. The only thing I will say, is obviously is isn’t really slimming. It almost contours your body, giving a more toned effect, but if you’re looking to buy this to look slimmer, then this isn’t the product for you.

It only comes in one shade too, which works great for me, but if you’re any paler than me, or have a dark skin tone, I don’t think it’ll work for you either.

However, saying that, for me this product is amazing. Perfect for a night out, dinner on holiday, or when your holiday tan begins to fade, this looks incredible. It’s not a fake tan though, so will wash off straight away. I think that’s where people go wrong with it. Look at it as a bronzer rather than a tan.

Oh, and I feel like I must mention, that being Charlotte Tilbury is does cost a bomb at £45. But a little goes a long way, and in my opinion it is one of her best products.

Buy 'Supermodel Body' here.


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