My Style Influences #2.

I've already done a style inspiration blog post, however when I was writing it I quickly realised it would have turned into an essay if I talked about everyone who's style I love. So I thought i'd make a part 2 to share with you four more beauties who influence my style at the moment. And there will probably be a part 3 at some point as well.

Blake Lively
I was actually considering having a whole post dedicated to Blake Lively because she's my absolute fave, and I could go on and on about how fabulous her style is! Her on and off duty style never fails to be on point, even her maternity looks go beyond expectations. I think what I really admire the most about Blake's style is how effortless she always looks, whilst still not being afraid to push fashion boundaries and just have fun with clothes. Which surely is what fashion is all about!

Gigi Hadid
I'm pretty sure Gigi is everyones style inspiration! Her model looks mean that she can rock any outfit she wants, and look amazing every time. Her on duty style is always changing, but never fails to impress, however it's her casual outfits which I really take inspiration from. Sometimes putting together the perfect everyday outfit is not as easy as it looks, and Gigi is queen of this. I also love that she's young and dresses young. There are so many young celebrities at the moment who look twice their age from all the makeup and over sexy outfits they wear! Gigi dresses her age and yet at the same time doing exactly what she wants when it comes to fashion, and I love it!

Karlie Kloss
Karlie is the epitome of off duty supermodel when it comes to her style. As someone who is always travelling, and also studying, she dresses practically. However, she never fails to not look chic and high fashion in the process - I don't know how she does it. She's also someone I always look for on the red carpet, because Karlie is almost guaranteed to be rocking a super cool edgy look, that everyone will be talking about.

Eleanor Calder
Eleanor is one half of the blog The Trend Pear, and when I discovered it I quickly fell in love with Eleanor's style as well as her love for fashion. The blog has been a bit dormant recently, which I am missing massively, but they make up for it when they do post because they're really good writers, and have great style. A lot of the people I talk about in these posts are very wealthy, and the clothes they wear I will never be able to afford. On The Trend Pear, they often wear affordable clothes, and if not, always suggest high street alternatives, which I really love.


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