My Favourite Pro Makeup Artists on YouTube.

Lisa Eldridge is quite possibly my fave makeup artist ever. And if you've ever seen a video of hers you'll see why. Not only is she an amazing makeup artist, but her knowledge of her craft is incredible. She has managed to create her own unique style on YouTube buy using her knowledge of makeup history to create interesting content. If you enjoy Lisa's videos I highly recommend her book 'Facepaint', which is a truly fascinating book. Read my blog post about it to find out more. She also has the most relaxing tone of voice ever!! I could honestly watch her videos on repeat all day.

Charlotte Tilbury is the queen of makeup at the moment. People have become obsessed with her incredible products! A big part of Charlotte's brand and the idea behind many of her products is to make applying makeup as easy as possible for the everyday woman. One way she has done this is by doing tutorials on her YouTube channel where she shows you how to create different makeup looks using her products. She's been in the industry for such a long time so always has helpful tips as well as interesting celeb anecdotes which all adds to she Charlotte Tilbury charm. 

Sam and Nic Chapman, also known as Pixiwoo are probably the most 'YouTubey' makeup artists in this list. They tend to be very involved with the more conventional side of YouTube, where as the other makeup artists i've mentioned are very much separate and do their own thing. Nonetheless, they are still incredible makeup artists with so much talent, both as artists, and as businesswomen. They are so enjoyable to watch as they are so relatable, and their channel is full of a good balance of incredible talent and a tonne of personality. 

Wayne Goss is a makeup artists who's videos I dip in and out of. I don't watch every one, but his channel is packed full of so many useful tips, tricks and advice about makeup that whenever i'm having makeup struggles I can always guarantee there will be a Wayne Goss video to help me out. 

I've only recently subscribed to Monika's channel, but have very quickly become obsessed. It's a similar vibe to Lisa Eldridge's channel, except her videos are much more all round beauty, as well as recreating specific looks from celebrities she has done makeup for. It's amazing if you want to try and achieve a look you saw a celebrity wearing at an event, and even though I don't necessary watch her videos to copy the makeup looks, it's fascinating and super interesting to watch. 

Let me begin by saying i'm pretty sure Karima isn't a professional makeup artist. However, her makeup skills are so incredible, that she very well could be. Therefore, that's a good enough reason to put her on this list. I don't feel like the usual adjectives like 'amazing' and 'incredible' give Karima enough credit for how talented she is. Her attention to detail is something which really makes her stand out from other makeup artists on YouTube. She also understands the struggles of not being a professional, and therefore applying makeup being difficult. Because of this, her sense of humour and Aussie charm really go a long way. She really does deserve a lot more subscribers. 

A Few of my other faves on YouTube (maybe for another blog post):


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