Album Review: The Weekend 'Beauty Behind The Madness'

R&B is definitely not the usual type of music I listen to, however I was really into some of The Weekend's music at the beginning of the year and then for my birthday I got his album. Except for the songs I know, I really didn't think I would be into it; however it really surprised me how good it was.

It's just a really cool album, with incredibly catchy and well written songs. If you're familiar with The any of his singles, then the album is very much along the same line.

It's definitely the kind of album I have on full blast when home alone, or in the car!! It'll get you in the mood if you're off to a party, or if you want to perk up a bit!

Even though I really love the album, I've begun to find that I've listened to it so much, that I'm kinda over it. It's not a classic that I'll listen to forever, but at the moment, and compared to some of the other music out at the moment, I really like it.

My favourite songs from the album:
In the Night
I Can't Feel my Face
Dark Times
Earned It
Tell Your Friends

Buy the album here.


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