My Makeup Inspirations.

Blake Lively
My absolute favourite when it comes to fashion and makeup inspiration is Blake Lively. Whether it's for the red carpet or just everyday she gets it right every time. I often find it hard to try out new makeup looks because I have slightly hooded eyes, so there are some things I just can't pull off. Blake has hooded eyes too, so I love that I can look to her for new makeup ideas. That goes for anyone really, if you don't have the conventional eye shape, look for celebrities with the same eyes as you and see how they make it to work. I also find that Blake always gets her hair to compliment her makeup looks perfectly!

Gigi Hadid
Gigi is the queen of the 'no makeup' makeup look, always managing to make her makeup look natural, despite probably having a tonne ot products on her face. Her makeup always looks young, fresh and glowy which is what most people want to achieve when doing their makeup. I think makeup is all about just accentuating your features, not hiding them, and Gigi is the perfect example of this. Also, as someone who also has a round/heart shaped face, I really appreciate this 'non touring' trend in which Gigi and other celebs (like Selena Gomez) have started! 

Kendall Jenner
Firstly, during the day Kendall wears very little, if any makeup at all, which I love because it is so completely opposite to the rest of her family. However, despite this Kendall always bring her A game to the red carpet, which is to be expected as she is currently the face of Estée Lauders new collection the Estee Edit. I think reason I love Kendall's glam makeup so much is because she never plays it safe as well as the fact she can pull of every look she tries!

Taylor Swift
I have been obsessed with Taylor's makeup ever since I started getting into makeup. She always look flawless whether it's on or off the red carpet, and she has the hollywood glamour look nailed. Unlike with fashion, it's really hard to have your own style when it comes to makeup, but Taylor has seemed to found her signature look, with her red lipstick. Lots of people try to make the red lipstick look their thing, and many have succeeded, but none like Taylor. She is also beginning to change it up a bit recently with her hair and makeup, and although many people aren't sure, I'm loving it, and out of everyone i've talked about, Taylor is the one i'm always most excited to see on the red carpet.

Brigitte Bardot
I mean, it kind of goes without saying that Brigitte Bardot is a makeup icon, not just for me, but for so many people too, being the genesis of so many makeup trends over the years, even now. She is the ultimate bombshell with her smoky eyeliner, overdrawn lips, and bleach blonde hair.  I dream of the day I can pull off a black smoky eye and lipliner, and look even half as fabulous as Brigitte.  


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