My Favourite Eyeshadow Quads.


Tanya Burr Hollywood Eye Palette
To me this is the perfect eyeshadow quad. It creates a really pretty daytime look, as well as a golden night time look too. I've always found it really difficult to find that warm brown in an eyeshadow, usually finding myself using a bronzer! The shade bookworm is perfect for this. Also, I think this is a good dupe to the Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess palette, but for a fraction of the price. The packaging is also really cute too.. But I'm a bit of a sucker for pretty packaging!
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Kiko Colour Fever Eyeshadow Palette - 100 Unexpected Rosie Taupe
I'm kind of obsessed with Kiko at the moment, it's so affordable and such good quality. My favourite from them though is definitely their eyeshadow quads. The one I have is the most beautiful purple/silver eyeshadows!! I'm not normally a purple eyeshadow girl, but for some reason this just works. Also the product is incredibly pigmented and you get so much product for your money! I seriously recommend checking Kiko out.
Buy it here.

Rosie For Autograph Eyeshadow Palette- Copper Gold Rush
I recently did a blog post about Rosie's new makeup collection for Autograph where I talked about how amazing this eyeshadow quad is, so I couldn't not mention it again! I won't repeat myself, but basically I'm obsessed with it. It's such a beautiful product, and just very Rosie Huntington-Whiteley! A very pretty and amazing quality product.
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MUA Trio Eyeshadow - Innocence
This is not only the oldest product in this list, but probably the oldest piece of makeup in my whole collection (as you can tell by how grubby it is). I think it was even the first proper eyeshadow I over owned. Despite it being old and probably a bit gross, it's still my go to eyeshadow when I can't decide how I want to do my makeup. The two lightest shades are so easy and i'm yet to find eyeshadows the same colour. Also, I'm fully aware that it is not a quad, but it is just way to amazing to not include.
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Charlotte Tilbury Colour Coded Eyeshadow Palette - The Golden Goddess

I've definitely saved the most special until last here. The Charlotte Tilbury Colour- Coded Eyeshadow Palette's are really truly amazing. I don't really have much to say about it, because everything you want in an eyeshadow, it is! The pigmentation, quality, longevity, texture, fall out, colours, and even packaging! I honestly can't find a single fault in the product. However, this is to be expected for the price you're paying. The shade I have is 'Golden Goddess' which is the most beautiful shimmery gold and bronze shades. However, I currently have my eye on The Vintage Vamp, and Dolce Vita.
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