How to Manage Oily Skin.

You might know from previous blog posts (because I don’t stop banging on about it) that I have an incredibly oily skin type, and it has driven me mad for years. However, recently I’ve realised it’s not actually a bad thing, and although horribly inconvenient a lot of the time, I’ve picked up a few products and tips along the way that make dealing with my skin a lot easier.

1. Firstly, when shopping for makeup, it’s tempting to head towards everything that says ‘matte’ on it. This isn’t always necessary. Just because you have oily skin, doesn’t mean you can’t suffer from dry patches too. I often find that even though I have oily skin, mattifying foundations tend to emphasise dry patches on my face, making me look peely when I’m not. Instead, look for products that say oil or silicone free. I recommend Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, Rimmel Stay Matte foundation, and NARS Sheer Glow.

2. My old reliable when it comes to oily skin is powder. If in doubt, powder. However, it is always a natural reaction to o.d on the powder, because surely the more powder, the less shiny? Although this can be true, and to be honest I’m definitely guilty of applying too much powder, it’s much better to apply sparingly and top up throughout the day. This way the you avoid the cakey and dry look. My powder of choice and has been since forever is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder (as i'm sure you can tell buy the state of it from the picture below). I have tried a few others before, but nothing comes close to Rimmel!

3. A fairly recent discovery when it comes to managing my oily skin is blotting. Something, lots of people talk about at the moment is how amazing blotting pads/sheets are. Even though they’re great for managing shine throughout the day, I use them most when I’m doing my makeup. Blotting your skin before applying makeup remover excess oils, which not only helps your foundation sit better, but it helps it to last longer, and reduce shine. The blotting sheets I like to use are by DHC which you can buy online here. However, blotting sheets aren’t all that necessary. I find that using a tissue works just as wells, and is much less embarrassing to use in public!

4.  This is a very simple tip, but it's easy to pile on the foundation and concealer, to almost cover up the shine. This may look good initially, but throughout the day you'll find the oil begins to come through, and the foundation and concealer will start to separate on your skin and become patchy. To avoid this, just put a thin layer on in the morning, and top up concealer and powder throughout the day.

5. Probably the number 1 complaint from people with oily skin is 'makeup doesn't last on my face'. This is also a huge issue for me, and although there are a few ways round it, the easiest is to use a setting spray. I apply it once, before I put foundation on, then once i've done my base, and then at the end when i've completed my makeup. I don't do this if i'm not wearing much makeup, but for those heavier makeup days, this works amazingly. I don't really need to explain what it is as it's pretty self explanatory - it just stops your makeup from sliding around your face all day. There are loads around at the moment, but my absolute favourite,is the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist, which I get from M&S.

6. Don't be afraid of highlighter. I have always avoided highlighter at all costs. Everybody is into it at the moment, but I just didn't see the point of adding more shine to my already very shiny face. However, I was given Charlotte Tilbury's Bar of Gold for my birthday and i've been converted. There are definitely somes brands where their highlighters are super shimmery and reflective *cough* Hourglass *cough*, which can look amazing, but that's not for everyone. The way to achieve a glowy look, with oily skin, is to powder sparingly, and highlight subtly, using buildable products. The other highlighter I really like is the Topshop Glow Highlighter.

7. The most important tip I can give, is to look after your skin. Moisturising hydrates your skin, and it's easy to think with oily skin that your skin doesn't need hydrating. Every skin type needs hydrating, all year round. I love the Origins GinZing moisturiser, which is really brightening, as well as the Origins Night-a-Mins oil-free night cream (they also have a non oil-free version if you have normal skin). Oily skin also tends to be more spot prone, so cleansing it is so important. Removing makeup and treating yourself to a face mask are such small factors, but make such a difference. I also find that the Biore pore strips are great, and really help to unclog your pores of all the nastiness that sits on your skin - they're also the most satisfying things to peel off! It's also not just your face that needs cleaning. Oily skin can often mean an oily back and chest too. My favourite product is the Clean and Clear deep cleansing lotion for sensitive skin (the one that is 'oil fighting'). It is seriously amazing, which I like to use over my face, neck, back and chest. Not only is it a really strong, deep cleanse, it feels like it is sucking the moisture from your face, which for oily skin feels great. However, you need to be careful to only use it every now and then, definitely not every day, because it is very strong, and even with oily skin, I find it dries my skin out if i use it too often. Also, your skin just gets used to it if you use it all the time, and it begins to stop having such an effect.

I know having oily skin isn't much fun. Feeling worried about looking sweaty, or breaking out all the time, but it's not that bad. Embrace the natural glow that people spend crazy money on trying to get. The girl at the Laura Mercier counter told me that when i''m older it'll pay off, because oily skin keeps your skin looking younger. So it'll be worth it eventually.

As with any skin type, it's about figuring out your skin, and finding products to cater to what it wants. For really oily skin the brands I like are Charlotte Tilbury and Rimmel for makeup, and Origins and Clean and Clear for skincare.


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