Album Review: George Ezra 'Live in London'

This EP was released a while ago now, and I listened to it to death at the time. However, recently I haven't been enjoying the music in the charts at the moment so have been rediscovering some (not so) old favourites.

As is obvious from the title of the EP, George Ezra has recorded a few tracks from his album 'Wanted on Voyage', which he has recorded live in London and made an EP out of. I saw George live last year and was blown away how good he was, so you can imagine how excited I was when he announced this.

It is available for free on Google play, which is a bonus, as nothing is ever free these days, and includes the songs 'Barcelona', 'Song 6', 'Budapest', and 'Did You Hear the Rain'. 'Barcelona' and 'Song 6' are two of my favourite George Ezra songs too, which made this even more exciting for me.

I've always thought there is something extra special about live music, even if you're not actually listening to it live (if you get what I mean), so I really love it when bands and artists release albums like this.

If you are any kind of a George Ezra fan than definitely download this EP. I highly recommend listening to it on full blast in the car, or somewhere quite with headphones in. That way you can really picture yourself at one of his shows.

He also made a video about the making of the EP, which you can watch here - and definitely should!

Download the EP here.


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