Book Review: Lisa Eldridge 'Facepaint'

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to go to a small talk by makeup artist extraordinaire and one of my favourite people on YouTube, Lisa Eldridge, at my uni, The London College of Fashion. It was one of the most interesting few hours of my life and a real eye opener into the beauty and fashion industry. After the talk I was very excited to meet Lisa and get my copy of Facepaint signed. In the brief few minutes I spoke to her she was such a lovely lady and was more than happy to chat about her wealth of makeup knowledge and even take a cheeky selfie. 

During the talk I wrote down lots of notes about all the interesting things she talked about. I couldn't think of a better way of talking you through my nonsense notes, so I have just bullet pointed some of the things I jotted down...
  • She grew up in New Zealand
  • Lisa fell in love with her mothers vintage makeup collection at a very young age
  • She was given a theatrical makeup book when she was very young and even though she knew she didn't want to go into makeup for performance, it made her realise that she wanted to go into makeup
  • It was really interesting to her her talk about the difficulties of getting in the makeup industry when she first started, especially with no internet
  • She actually worked on a Lancome counter when she was younger and got sacked - how ironic
  • When asked what her thing is she replied: perfect skin, natural makeup, accents of colour
  • Her makeup looks are inspired from pallets throughout history
  • She wants the looks she creates to be modern, even when inspired by old
  • When she uploaded her first video on YouTube she was terrified as she thought other professionals would look down on it
  • She tried very hard to make a documentary before the book, but after it being put down a lot, has now made her idea into a book
  • Her favourite thing about makeup is the choice
  • She loves learning about the science behind makeup
  • Three of her favourite makeup icons (she found it very hard to choose) are Theda Bara, Marie Antoinette, Marie de Pompadour

The book itself really is incredible. I couldn't believe just how much hard work must have been involved in creating the book. It is so jam packed full of fascinating information and beautiful pictures.

Lisa has written it so well too, with no waffling or pointless descriptions. There is definitely no chance of getting bored when reading it.

I will say that unless you are fascinated by makeup, you may find some of the writing a bit tedious. However, saying this, I don't think it is necessarily a book just for makeup lovers. If you are just an all round history enthusiast I would highly recommend it too.

It also makes the most georgeous coffee table book just to look at!

Buy the book here.


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