Book Review: 'Dream a Little Dream' and 'Dream a Little Christmas Dream' by Giovanna Fletcher

This review really has been a very long time coming. I read Dream a Little Dream back in August, and Dream a Little Christmas Dream is a festive story, and Christmas is gone for another year now, so I nearly wasn't going to write this post. 

Then I thought just because Dream a Little Dream isn't a new release anymore doesn't mean people don't want to read it, and so what if Christmas is over, I don't see why you can't still have some festive cheer in January!

I think i'll begin with Dream a Little Dream. If you are familiar with any of Giovanna's previous books then this is much like them. A very romantic, dreamy, easy read. The basic plot of it is based around the character Sarah, who works for a TV production company and hates it. She has lots of dreams about a handsome stranger, which she even looks forward to every night because her real life isn't nearly as exciting. One day she meets the man from her dreams in real life. The book basically follows Sarah's relationship with her friends, mother, and her mystery man. 

Dream a Little Christmas Dream is a short novella which continues on from where Dream a Little Dream left off. It was a really lovely way to make me feel festive before Christmas, but actually it is just a really lovely story; a proper girly romance novel. 

I highly recommend this book for all ages and at any time of the year. I also have to admit to getting very excited when I noticed Sarah's parents were from my hometown 'Tunbridge Wells'. Surely that means Giovanna has been to where I live - i'm easily pleased!

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