Album Review: Coldplay 'A Head Full Of Dreams'

Without fail, Coldplay are my favourite band ever, so I always have high expectations when they release a new album.

Their last album 'Ghost Stories', although I really liked it, definitely isn't my fave album of theirs, so I was anxious to know if they would change their style much for this album too.

A Head Full of Dreams is nothing like Ghost Stories, however, is a slightly different sound to what we're used to hearing from Coldplay. It's much more upbeat and happy, both the melody and the lyrics. It also has a more pop feel to it.

The album is a very easy listen and in true Coldplay style has a very dreamy vibe to it throughout.

I feel like I can't not mention that one of the songs features Beyonce. Chris Martin said in an interview that they wanted someone on the track to sing the part of an angel - a part made for Queen B!

I'm lucky enough to be seeing them live later on in the year at Wembley Stadium, which I can't put into words how excited I am about. I can't believe i'll be able to tick off the no.1 thing on my bucket list. Clearly i'm very excited, but this album has got me even more buzzing to go - the 16th June can't come quick enough!

My favourite tracks off the album:
Up & Up
Hymn for the Weekend
Adventures of a Lifetime
Amazing Day
A Head Full of Dreams

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