Album Review: One Direction 'Made In The A.M'

I've been excited for this album for a long time now, I think more so than any One Direction album previously. I'm not sure why though. Maybe it was just curiosity of music without Zayn, maybe it's because it's their last album for a while, or maybe it's because there has been a lot of hype around this album.

I always like to wait a while until writing an album review, because, especially with an album like this, it would have been very easy for me to write everything I thought of the album after listening to it once, but it takes me a  good few listens of a song before I decide what I think of it. I wanted to actually form an opinion about the album after seeing what songs I play on repeat, and what songs I find myself skipping past half way though. However, I'm very aware that it's been a month since the album was released, and that is very simply becuase I have been so busy recently and have barely had time to breath, let alone sit down and blog. Anyways, I'm writing it now, so onto the album...

MITAM has a very grown up sound to it, leading on from 'FOUR' really nicely, with 'Temporary Fix' sounding very much like 'No Control' 2.0! It's much clearer now, that they've found their own sound from this album too, and that this is the kind of music they want to write.

Obviously it's different without Zayn, but actually I barely noticed it and I really think that it has made very little difference to their music - except maybe fewer high notes.

Another reason why I think this music is what they are happier doing, is that this time they didn't have to write an album with a tour in mind. That must have made a difference when they were writing the songs.

It has a very chilled and dreamy vibe to it with 'What a Feeling' and 'Walking in the Wind', which are clearly influenced by artists like Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon. As well as this it has an almost funk feeling to it with tracks like 'What A Feeling', 'Olivia', and 'Never Enough'.

It really is a very catchy album - I can't stop listening to it, and think it is a perfect way to end before their break.

I always let you know which songs off an album are my favourite and every time I say how hard it is to decide. This time however I found it the hardest. So it's not really a selection, more like half the album, but it is the best i'm going to be able to do. 8 out of 17 isn't too bad!

Love You Goodbye
What A Feeling
If I Could Fly
Temporary Fix

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