Album Review: Justin Bieber 'Purpose'

I have been a big Belieber for a long time now, so was very excited to see how the new and improved Bieber would sound.

There has been a lot of hype around this album as everyone, weather they are a fan or not has been curious how it would sound. Because of this, and the fact Justin is releasing hit after hit at the moment, meant that there was a lot of pressure for this album to be good, and I think it's fair to say expectations were very high, mine included.

It turns out there was nothing to be worried about as Purpose has been a huge success all over the world. He may not have got the No.1 in the UK, but missing out by 3,000 copies, and selling 90,000 is by no means a fail, especially considering how this time last year he was public enemy number 1.

The album is very good, with a really cool R&B sound to it. It's obvious that this new, grown up sound is the kind of music he loves to make, and should be making.

I think we are all going to have that one moment when we became a Justin Bieber fan. For me it was when the Never Say Never film came out! I really think this could be that moment for a lot of people - it's about time everybody became a Belieber. Even though I have no doubt the hardcore fans are going to love this album, it's also creating a whole new generation of Beliebers.

There are however, a few tracks on the album that really don't do anything for me. Also, if I'm being honest, I don't find myself thinking about the album, or reaching for it when I put my headphones in. However saying that, when I do listen to it, I really love it, it just hasn't left a lasting impression on me.

There is nobody else in the music industry who I can compare him to either, which is so difficult these days. When people would describe him as a young Justin Timberlake everybody would laugh. Now I don't think it sounds so daft after all.

Justin has also announced that he is going to be doing a world tour which is super exciting. Tickets for Europe go on sale this Thursday, and I can promise you I will be doing my very best Thursday morning to try and get tickets.

Overall, I am really impressed with this album. It's got a really cool, chilled feeling to it. Also, people have mocked his talent in the past, but actually I really love his voice and think this album proves just how much of a great singer and songwriter he really is. I just wish I got the deluxe version of the album!

My favourite tracks off the album:
I'll Show You
Life Is Worth Living
Love Yourself
The Feeling
What Do You Mean
Mark My Words

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