TV Addiction: Secrets and Lies

A couple of months ago, the trailer for a new Watch TV show was everywhere. I couldn't get away from it and was very intrigued. As I am always on the look out for a good new crime drama/thriller I thought i'd give it a go.

I think it's fair to say that after about five minutes in, I was completely hooked. It's unlike any TV show I have ever seen, yet isn't too quirky that i'm put off.

Without giving away too many spoilers, it is about a five year old boy who was murdered. The whole series follows 'Ben Crawford', a man who lives opposite the murdered boy and is basically being blamed for the whole thing. Each week is about him trying to prove his innocence, in the midst of his family falling apart, and being hounded by the main character Detective Cornell. However, throughout the series a lot is revealed about Ben, as well as all the different people he suspects.

What I love about the show, besides the great plot, is the incredible acting. In particular Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe), his two daughters Abby (Belle Shouse) and Natalie (Indiana Evans), as well as his best friend Dave (Dan Fogler). Ryan's character Ben is probably in 98% of the show, which is amazing really, and why this whole post is basically about him, becuase he is the whole show.

As with any great TV show, you get very emotionally involved with the main characters' life, and feel so sorry for Ben as we watch his life fall apart.

The only minor criticism I have is I think he is a bit young to have a seventeen year old daughter. Although, it doesn't really matter, i'm just being picky. Besides that, it's written so well.

Now to the ending. Where do I even begin? I really don't want to give too much away, however I will say that it is incredibly frustrating and sad, in fact the whole final episode was actually very emotional - I will admit I did cry! It wasn't the biggest twist in the world, as it was actually the person I thought it was for about four weeks now. However, it doesn't really matter, because even though it was frustrating, there was a slight twist with the murder that'll have everyone feeling very shocked and a bit sick. It has however, been well and truly left open.

A second series has been commissioned, which I am very excited about. However, even though this story could continue, I don't think it is - I think the next series is with a different family. The only thing the same is Cornell's character, which i'm not sure how I feel about as haven't been a big fan of her, although, in the final episode I actually really liked her and how she dealt with the ending.

And the bonus is that it's already done and filmed so is coming back very soon - January I think (in the UK).

If you're looking for a gripping, thrilling, clever, TV show to get into, with great characters, I highly recommended Secrets and Lies. Plus there is only ten episodes, so won't take you months to watch.


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