Product Review: Tarte Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara

I got this mascara months ago, at BeautyCon London this year because I heard great things about it, and it was selling for a great price. Plus Tarte is a nightmare to get hold of in the UK.

I'll start by telling you what I love about it. Firstly, the packaging is really cool, which is always a good bonus. As far as the actual product, it is great for lots of volume, and very fluttery lashes!

However, there are several things I didn't like about it. To begin with, it has a HUGE wand. Lots of people do like this in a mascara, however I do not. It is by far the clumsiest part of my makeup routine, and without fail, almost every time I used this mascara, I would end up with black splodges all over my face. I also found that I was poking myself in the eyes quite a lot as well, which might just be the fact I am incredibly clumsy, but I've never had this problem with a mascara before. It also dried out very quickly, which is always a big deciding factor as to weather I repurchase a mascara or not. Another problem I had was that when I was removing my eye makeup, it make my eyes really sting. I do have particularly sensitive eyes, but again, I have never had this problem with a mascara before.

I feel like I'm being a bit of a Debbie downer with this mascara, but I am someone who is very picky with mascaras, and I actually quite like it. Even though it needs a lot of coats, it does look really great, however, I'm yet to find something as good as my trusty L'Oreal Telescopic mascara.

Even though I won't be repurchasing it, I do recommend it. Like I said, it is a nightmare to get hold of in the UK, but can be found online at Sephora and QVC.

Buy the mascara here.


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