Book Review: 'The Girl With All The Gifts' by M.R. Carey

I got this book a while ago now, when FleurDeForce mentioned it in one of her favourites videos, and I thought it looked really good, and a bit different to the usual books I tend to go for.

I was definitely right in thinking it was a bit different. I really have never read such an unusual book before. I'm going to be honest though and admit that I did struggle with it a bit. It almost deserves a genre of its own, because I really can't place it anywhere. It is definitely dystopian, but also slightly sci-fi, and a bit of a thriller too. The idea behind the book is actually very clever. It's mostly from the point of view of a young girl who is imprisoned, along with other children in order to be experimented on becuase the rest of the world has been wiped out (sort of) by an infection - it's very hard to explain.

There is however, no denying it is incredibly well written and although I wasn't fully invested in the plot, there was still a really emotional relationship between the main character 'Melanie', and her teacher 'Miss Justineau', which you can't help but be touched by. Also without giving too much away, there is a slight twist at the end, so it's worth not giving up on.

However, the plot completely lost me from quite early on and I didn't find it gripping at all. I think my problem is that i'm not a huge reader, and this book is quite sophisticated and complex. If you are an avid reader then I actually think you'll really enjoy this book, not matter what genre you like to read. It just wasn't for me.

It is being made into a film, to be released in 2016, which I am actually really looking forward too. It'll be interesting to see how they adapt it, or if they decide to keep it identical to the book. Also Gemma Arterton is going to be starring in it, who I am a big fan of, so I have high expectations and will definitely be keeping an eye out for that.

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