Real Techniques: Deep Cleansing Gel

Ever since I started using makeup brushes my only method of cleaning them has been with a bar of soap and some water, and it's always just about done the job. However I started to realise it was drying out my brushes and that there was probably a more hygienic and efficient way of doing it. So, I was very excited when  I saw that Real Techniques were releasing a brush cleanser, and popped down to my nearest Boots quicker than you can say 'dirty brushes'!

Straight away I was really impressed, and realised that actually my brushes were in a much dirtier state than I ever though. It cleans the brushes super quickly, and leaves them really soft and fluffy - things which are very important if like me, you find cleaning your makeup brushes the ultimate chore (very close to painting your nails).

I also can't forget to mention how lovely and fresh it smells. It's not too artificial or perfume-like. Just a very clean soapy smell which lingers on the brush bristles until they're ready to be cleaned the next time.

However, I have found that it cleans some brush brands better than others. Mac brushes for example, clean so easily, however, rather ironically, Real Techniques brushes are much more difficult to clean if I've been using particularly non budge products.

On the box it claims to do all of the following things, all which to me are extremely important, and shows that they really care about making a great product. It always helps when you know the people behind a brand are really invested into their products. 
  • No alcohol or phthalates (known for mimicking hormones. In the case of oestrogen, they have been linked to breast cancer, weight gain and infertility). 
  • Detoxifies and purifies
  • Quick, clean rinse (which I can very much testify for)

It really is foolproof to use, with simple instructions on the back:
Use weekly
Dampen bristles in warm water
Squeeze a drop of gel onto bristles 
Rub between fingers and rinse until clean
Reshape and dry flat or upside down

Nic also did a tutorial on the Real Techniques YouTube channel showing you exactly how it works. See the video here.

Overall, although it required a bit more of an effort on some brushes, for a drugstore product and the price you're paying, it really is great, which I would highly recommend. 

Buy the brush cleansing gel here.


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