Book Review: The Girl on the Train by Paul Hawkins

This review has been an incredibly long time coming, as I read this book around the spring time. However I still really want to talk about it because I feel like there was such a big hype around it when it was first released.

I got the book as a birthday present from my mum who thought it was rather apt since last year when I started to commute to London on the train. Little did she know it was going to blow up and become a huge best seller.

The book is a fairly easy read as it isn't too complicated or long. I read it in just a couple of weeks, on the train every day, however I do think it could be the sort of book you could keep coming back to.

The narrative changes throughout between three peoples point of view of an event. I thought that the character 'Rachel' had the most interesting story, at least to begin with, which made me want to keep reading on to get to the chapters from her point of view.

I like the fact that the three main protagonists are all women, which isn't very common either.

The style of writing is quite unique and although easy to follow, I felt at times you have to really stay focused or you loose which characters point of view you're reading from. You can also tell that the author has lived in the UK a long time. If you're not from the UK you might not get some of the references.

As far as the ending goes, considering there was such a big build up to it, I was a bit disappointed. It definitely wasn't thrilling and actually a little predictable. I just found it to be a bid of a soap opera ending.

However, besides that I really enjoyed the book and would really love to read more books by Paula Hawkins.


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