Jo Malone: Mimosa & Cardamom

Like most people who have experience Jo Malone, I am a big fan. Their scents are so unique and interesting, with a smell for everyone. So as i'm sure you can imagine, I was very excited when a sample of their new fragrance 'Mimosa & Cardamon' was dropped through my letterbox last week.

I'll start by saying that it definitely isn't my favourite scent from Jo Malone, however it does smell good. It is a scent which I think is much more generic and will appeal to a lot of people.

Jo Malone is known for having very unique and unusual fragrances. So, when I say it's not very Jo Malone, I mean that it isn't very different and could be any luxury designer perfume. Because it has a fairly generic smell too it, it's very hard to describe other than it has a spicy feel to it.

I do like the fact it is a very autumnal smell though, and like I said I do think it is going to be popular.

As per usual it will burn a big ol' hole in your pocket if you by it. The 100ml is £85 and the 30ml is £42, so you want to be sure you love it before buying it! There is also a body and hand wash, a body creme, and a candle in the scent too.

I think the candle would be lovely and cosy at home throughout the autumn and winter months.

Buy the fragrance here.


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