Product Review: Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

I bought my first Real Techniques brush, I think nearly four years ago now. It was a big deal for me at the time because up until then all the makeup brushes I owned were unbranded cheepies or freebies so didn't do a great job. So when I bought my first Real Techniques brush (the expert face brush), it was the first brush I owned that was good quality and was designed a specific way. The only reason I chose to buy a Real Techniques brush is simply because I am a big fan of Pixiwoo on YouTube, however I think it's fair to say my collection has grown rather quickly since, not just because I am a fan, but because of the excellent products.

They really are excellent brushes. I can't fault them at all.

They are easy to wash, so they don't loose their shape or texture.

They are multi purpose.

The bristles are tapered so it blends the products for you.

Can be used with cream and powder products.

The bristles never fall out.

They are incredibly soft.

They look pretty on your dressing table.

They are 100% cruelty - free.

There is such a wide selection, to fulfill every makeup application need.

So much thought has been put into the design of the brushes.

And, most importantly they are amazing value.

... I'm sure there is something I've forgotten!

I don't have a huge collection, but the ones I do have I use everyday and are among my most used items in my makeup collection.
Here is a quick run down of the brushes I own:

Blush Brush
I mostly just use this brush for powder, but it also works great with bronzer and blush too. And some people I've seen even using it to apply foundation. It is the perfect brush for all over he face as well as just to blend everything in. Also, I often thrown in the bottom of my handbag for easy application touch ups throughout the day.

Expert Face Brush
This is my holy grail foundation, BB, CC and tinted moisturiser brush. It really buffs in the product, to create a really seamless finish on the skin. It is a great brush of you want a fuller coverage. It is also amazing, becuase you don't need to use much product. I seriously can't imagine using any other product to apply my base.

Setting Brush
My most recent Real Techniques purchase, and currently my new favourite brush ever. It is the perfect size for applying concealer around your eyes and nose as it really gets into the grooves of your face. I also use it for powdering when I want to be more precise. Also, it's perfect handbag size.

Domed Shadow Brush
I use this for applying eyeshadow before blending it out. It picks up the product really well, and is also great for more precise concealing, especially around the nose.

Stippling Brush
I use this to apply cream blushes and bronzers, as it really blends it in nicely. However I know my mum likes to use it for her foundation becuase it creates a really light, non cakey coverage on the skin.

There is now a new Real Techniques collection out called the 'Bold Metals' collection. These brushes are mostly designed for makeup artists, however they are readily available in drugstores so anyone can buy them. Although I don't own any they look beautiful and are definitely luxury products ranging from £10 - £25. I wouldn't ever purchase them because the normal collection is so good, and achieve similar results at a much lower cost. I'm not someone who invests in expensive makes brushes, but if you are definitely give these a go.

Buy Real Techniques brushes here.
See them in action here and here.


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