Review: Zoella Beauty

I was hoping to get my hands on Zoella's new beauty products when they were first released but they sold out so quickly. I had to wait for weeks until the fizz bar was back in stock anywhere! However now they seem to be in every Superdrug and online beauty store I come across, so panic over.

I got a makeup bag, the fizz bar and the bath soak. The smell is amazing. It is so fresh and not too strong or overpowering. It is definitely a smell for everyone. I presume all the products smell the same as the fizz bar and bath soak do, which is no bad thing.

If you don't like bubbles in your bath then I recommend the fizz bar, becuase although it fizzes, it doesn't leave any bubbles. The bath soak however leaves plenty of bubbles, so if that's more your thing I definitely recommend it. Both products though leave your skin feeling amazingly soft for ages, so whatever you opt for, there is no doubt you will feel relaxed and pampered beyond belief.

One thing I really want to mention is how you only need to use the products sparingly. I use two squares of the fizz bar and it goes a long way. And the bath soak goes even further with a small amount. You definitely get more than you're moneys worth - it's amazing for a drugstore product.

Overall I think Zoella Beauty is a really great range. There really isn't anything to dislike about it. I would really love her to release more products. 

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