Product Review: Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lipsticks.

For my birthday I was lucky enough to get a few Chanel beauty bits from their Spring 2015 collection. In with these came a few free samples, including the new 'Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colours'. And you know what? I think I may just have found my perfect lipstick.

Chanel have been calling these lipsticks 'ready to wear' and I never knew what they meant by that... until I tried them.

They are very sheer, but not so sheer that they are like a balm. Although, the coverage is almost like a high coverage lip balm. Because of this, the product can be easily built up and layered to make it as full on or subtle as you like. And no matter how much you apply you can barely feel it on your lips - there is nothing worse than being conscious of your lipstick and worrying about it all day.

Due to this 'highly pigmented balm' texture, I have been using my finger to apply some of the shades too, which is something I never do to apply any lipstick. But I think that really sums up what they mean by 'ready to wear'.

These lipsticks are actually just a reformulation of the Chanel 'Rouge Coco Collection'. The only difference, as the name suggests, is they are now much more hydrating. There is no doubt that it's a formula like no other I have ever tried. The best way I can describe it is 'sheeny' without being too 'creamy'.

The other major thumbs up for me is how incredibly long lasting it is for a non-matte lipstick. This, along with the perfect sheer formula makes them the perfect lipsticks, if like me, you're not very brave with a bold lip. Even the darkest and boldest of shades still don't look to full on or daring.

(From left to right)
426 Roussy, 402 Adrienne, 440 Arthur, 452, Emilienne, 416 Coco

There are 24 new shades from 6 colour palettes, all named after people close to mademoiselle Chanel. The samples I got were 1 of the colour palettes (so 6 lipstick shades). Out of these my favourites were Arthur and Adrienne. And there is no doubt I will be going and picking up the full product in one or two other shades too.

They have been available from the 13th March and cost £26, which is expensive, but for Chanel, and for the quality of product, I would be more than happy to splurge that little extra for a few staple colours. 

Buy the lipstick here


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