Chanel Spring 2015 Collection Reverie Parisienne.

It was my birthday at the end of February and this year I was very lucky in the way of prezzies. I was lucky enough to get a few pieces from Chanel's spring 2015 collection. I got a lip liner, a lipstick and a nail polish.

The 'Le Crayon Lèvres Precision Lip Definer' is a beautiful lip liner which is one of the best liners I have tried. I got the shade '69 Rose Ardent' which is not only the perfect match to the lipstick I got, but is also a great colour for most pink lipsticks too. It is so incredible not only to line the lip to make the look more defined, but the lasting power is insane, makeing any lipstick last so much longer. It is double ended, so on the opposite side to the pencil is a brush. I don't like using the brush with the liner, becuase I find the product drys to quickly, so is really hard to work with. However, I love using it with my lipstick of choice over the top. It is the perfect size and shape brush to easily apply any lipstick with precision. One thing I MUST mention... you have to use the sharpener that the pencil comes with or you will break the pencil. Don't be the person to find this out the hard way!

Next up is the 'Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine'. I got the colour '98 Etourdie', which is such a pretty ballerina pink. In the packaging it looks a little grannyish (i'm sure you know what I mean). But when applied, it adds the perfect girly touch. As the title suggests it is incredibly moisturising and hydrating, without being to shiny or wet. It is a very wearable everyday colour, which can be applied very sheer, almost like a balm, or can be built up to a fuller coverage lipstick. But for me the most important and most amazing thing about this lipstick is how incredibly long lasing it is. And with the lip definer, it is the perfect combination.

Finally, a new shade from 'Le Vernis Nail Colour' nail polishes. I got the shade '643 Desirio', which is a really beautiful colour. It is quite different from the normal neutral shades a usually opt for. Doing my nails is always a chore, however i'm beginning to not mind it so much with this nail polish. It really is incredible. It is quick and easy to apply due to the fact it has a really lovely brush applicator. Also it drys crazily fast - i'm still trying to get my head round it. The finish is super shiny and glossy making it look and feel really expensive and luxurious - you definitely feel like you're wearing Chanel. I didn't feel the need to swatch the colour on my nails because it comes out exactly the colour it looks in the bottle, which is always good when deciding on a colour. There is however one MAJOR flaw... it chips like crazy. I am someone who never has the problem of chipped nails with any nail polish. However, after the first day (and not doing a whole lot), I had to go over the top. That for me is a major problem, but one i'm sure can be easily fixed with a good top coat.

Check out the who collection here.


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