Album Review: Meghan Trainor 'Title'

After listening to this album from beginning to end once, I had so many thoughts. It has so many feelings to it; bluesy, soulful, pop, musical theater, and even at times reminded me of a barbershop quartet. There is however no doubt that she is a super talented song writer.

With a combination of catchy pop songs and romantic ballads, she could give Taylor Swift a run for her money with her boyfriend problems too.

The album as a whole definitely has a very sassy and girl power vibe to it, which I also love.

Although I much prefer her more up tempo songs, it is just a good pop album, perfect to blare on full blast when getting ready for a Friday night out.

However, I do fear that there is the danger of  it going dated and out of fashion in a couple of months, and it won't be relevant any more. I hope that doesn't happen becuase overall it is a really great album.

My favourite songs off the album:
The Best Part (Interlude)
Bang Dem Sticks
Dear Future Husband
Like I'm Gonna Lose You (Feat. John Legend)

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