Product Review: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

I have been desperate to get my hands on this foundation for ages now. Everybody raves about it and I really am a sucker for a good foundation.

I went into Harvey Nichols and got colour matched at the NARS counter there. To be honest the lady wasn't very helpful. I seemed to know more about the foundation than she did. I wanted to try the 'Sheer Matte' foundation becuase I have very oily skin so opting for the glowy foundation seemed silly. I was matched to the shade 'Vallauris' and really loved it.

I left and forgot about it really. Then Christmas came along and my mum (being the clever person she is) remembered me talking about it and got it for me for Christmas. This was an amazing surprise, however when I opened it I noticed she got the 'Sheer Glow' instead of the matte foundation. I presumed it would just make my oily skin look even oilier... turns out I fell in love with it.

It is not nearly as glowy as other foundations I have tried (such as the Rimmel Wake Me Up). This is a great thing for me, however if you are looking to buy it becuase of what it says on the tin, there are definitely better (and cheaper) glowy/dewy foundation available.

The formula is great though. It is extremely buildable so perfect for daytime or evening and most importantly doesn't break me out, no matter how long I have it on for.

When I first apply it I always think it looks too orange, but when blended out it matches perfectly, with no blotchy patches - so don't give up on it straight away.

Another little bonus is that it smells great too (minor detail but oh so important)!

Buy the foundation here.

It does however have one MAJOR flaw.

... a flaw which actually stopped me from using the foundation for a while.

It doesn't come with a pump. I feel silly as I write that sentence. But it soon becomes a big deal when you end up pouring half the foundation on your hand. Before you know it that's £31 down the drain - literally.

However it isn't as simple as going out and buying one, or ordering one online.

Oh no. I soon found myself on the most ludicrous man hunt for tiny £3 pump.

Everywhere sold out online and everywhere had sold out in store. I must have gone into the same places a couple of times a week on the look out. It actually started to drive me a tad cookoo.

And then I was walking down Oxford Street and thought I would pop into John Lewis (again) and see if they had one... and they did. The woman must have thought I was crazy as I jumped for joy when she told me they had just got some in (although she did say almost everyone who asks for a pump reacts the same, which made me feel a little less crazy).

I also want to point out that on my scavenger hunt for this pump I ventured into Selfridges several times and the staff were incredibly unhelpful. I much prefer the makeup hall at John Lewis at the moment.

Besides 'pump-gate', I really love the foundation. It is a lovely formula and really easy to build and blend.

Buy a pump here (or I should really say 'let the quest begin').

Oh, and I think the answer to the oh so frustrating pump situation may have been solved. Nars have just released a new foundation called the 'All Day Luminous foundation' which has a pump, and although it is £1 more expensive, I would definitely buy it.


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