Album Review: Pink Floyd 'The Endless River'

My dad got this album for Christmas and hasn't stopped talking about it since. Eager to know what all the fuss is about and had a listen.

I'm not really a massive Pink Floyd fan. In fact I can barely name you a song of theirs. It's not becuase I don't like them, I just have never been exposed to their music... until now.

When I first heard this album I would never have guessed it was them. To begin with there are almost no lyrics. It's definitely not the album you'll be listening to on full, when getting ready for a night out. Quite the opposite...

It is an incredibly relaxing album with a very ethereal and atmospheric feel to it, where you can't really tell where one song ends and another begins. I feel very calm and peaceful when listening to it. You definitely have to be in the mood though - for me this is most mornings on the train, especially the 6:30am start on Fridays.

If, like me, you really love out of this world guitar playing then that alone is a good enough reason to buy the album.

My dad got the deluxe version, which really is very special. It comes with a DVD, fascinating booklet and postcards. I would definitely recommend splurging that little extra for it, especially if you are like me and love the feel of a proper CD rather than just downloading it off iTunes.

Another thing I wanted to mention, which I normally don't is the album artwork. I think it is really magnificent and actually quite powerful.

This album isn't going to be everybody's cup of tea but I think it is a beautiful album, which I would recommend to anyone.

Buy the album here and the deluxe version here.


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