Book Review: 'Christmas With Billy and Me' by Giovanna Fletcher

I am in a super Christmassy mood this year so i'm jumping onto anything and everything that will get me in the festive spirit even more (if that's even possible)!

When I heard Giovanna Fletcher was writing a festive book I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy. There was no doubt in my mind that it was going to be jam packed full of Christmas goodness. The reason I was so sure of this is becuase I am an avid watcher of both Gi and her popstar husband Tom's vlogs and they haven't exactly been shy about their obsession with Christmas time - and who can blame them really.

I read the prequel to 'Christmas With Billy and Me', unsurprisingly called 'Billy and Me'. I fell in love with the warming and heartfelt romance between Sophie May and Billy Buskin, as well as the very emotional and beautifully written relationship between Sophie and Molly. It was such a lovely story and 'Christmas With Billy and Me' is no different. It is just as romantic and warm, and it's at Christmas, which is even better.

I definitely recommend the book and think this short story would be the perfect stocking filler this Christmas for all ages.

Buy the book here.


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